Rhineland Cake & Wine Company Announces

Cakes for Troops 2020

What Is “Operation Cakes For Troops 2020”?

The Twin Cities-based Rhineland Cake and Wine Company, the American Legion Post 57 in Chaska, Minn., and Edelweiss Patisserie in Medford, Mass., are joining forces to make the 2020 Holidays brighter for US troops abroad with “Operation Cakes for Troops 2020!” This join initiative benefits and honors American troops stationed overseas during the 2020 Holiday Season by sending a special traditional German cake to the men and women serving around the world.

Now in its second year, “Operation Cakes for Troops 2020” calls on family members, friends and the public at large to order an authentic, traditional German cake – called the “Gugelhupf” -- to be delivered to U.S. troops stationed abroad in time for the holidays, including soldiers who might even receive a cake from an unknown, grateful citizen.

The cake is a wonderful gift to reduce the homesickness many soldiers will experience this coming holiday season. For Testimonials from our Troops in Response to last year's “Operation Cakes for Troops 2019” click HERE.

Why Are We Doing This?

“Operation Cakes for Troops 2020” is the brainchild of Hiltrud Steimel, founder of the Rhineland Cake and Wine Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the Twin Cities, who uses a cherished family recipe for an authentic German “Gugelhupf” cake. The veteran, Boston-area-based Edelweiss Patisserie will bake and ship the cakes. Working with the American Legion, Post 57, Chaska, will ensure that the cakes will arrive to soldiers before the holidays by December 22.

Being away from home and loved ones during the holidays is very hard, especially when you’re young and in a foreign country where you’re potentially in harm’s way.

“When I came to America from Germany as a young woman, the first few holiday seasons away from home were very difficult,” said Hiltrud Steimel, President of the Rhineland Cake & Wine Company. “I can sense some of what these troops will feel when the holidays come and they’re away from home and family in a strange and dangerous land. Hopefully, these cakes help their homesickness and give them a sense of home.”

What Kind of German Cake Will Be Shipped?

My Daughter’s Favorite Cake

Using a time-honored German family recipe from her grandmother and handed down through the generations, the cakes are baked using 100% all natural ingredients. Hiltrud Steimel selected a classic, traditional Gugelhupf cake dubbed “My Daughter’s Favorite Cake” for this venture, as it will ship the best.

“My Daughter’s Favorite Cake” contains plump, juicy raisins and a hint of natural vanilla in addition to butter, flour, and eggs. This cake is nut-free.

The cakes are frozen immediately after baking and are shipped frozen to ensure maximum freshness upon arrival. Each cake serves 8.

What’s The Last Day to Order a Cake?

All “Operation Cakes for Troops 2020” orders must be placed by December 3rd.

When Will The Cakes Be Shipped?

Cakes will be shipped via Express Shipping on December 10th.

Cost and How to Order

Rhineland Cake and Wine is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. All orders are tax-deductible. Each cake is $40, which covers the cost of baking, packaging and shipping.

Each cake comes with a special Holiday Greeting attached, letting the soldiers know that they are being remembered during this holiday season.

You can help uplift the spirits of our troops! Send a cake in your name either to a loved one or to any deserving soldier serving in the US Armed Forces overseas.

All orders are placed via PayPal only.

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